Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Hello Again

I was hoping that this blog would be updated with my Twitter, but alas it seems to have failed.

I'm now also blogging at and I'll just be posting here occasionally with my more personal commentary.

Right now though that is difficult as I grasp with the challenges of turning a piece of paper into a multi-national social networking site. That will launch at the end of the Summer, so I may be a little quieter than I hope until then.

In the meantime, here's a note I mailed to some of my friends and contacts:

Hey All

This is an update to my friends and colleagues who I thought would be interested in the new start-up business I joined.

It’s a Social Networking based music site called and it will launch at the very end of the Summer this year. It’s got a great pedigree, our CEO used to run chunks of EMI Music, and we’ve been backed by members of the band Genesis (although that is kind of a secret).

We’re not a record label per se, but we’re not a million miles away from it either. Think of the best bits from iTunes, mySpace, Facebook, imDB and VH1 all rolled into one.

The 2 cent intro is: We’re a service aimed at helping music artists help themselves in building a career and an income, we’re a place where music fans can discover, enjoy and learn about new bands and music, watching great TV shows. This is all underpinned by an Music industry section that allows professionals to connect, to collaborate and to help in their daily lives through a suite of tools and services.

So, the point of the email is, as we head towards our site’s Beta (test) phase we are looking for friendly faces to start populate our site, tell us what works, and who knows, maybe even make some business connections. We’re especially interested in finding music artists with talent, who write or have access to the copyright of their music who we could promote and turn into ‘featured’ artists.

I’ve created a ‘brochure’ about what the website will be at and tells you more about what we can do for you, and what we are looking for.

Let me know what you think!