Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I've just given birth..

So its one week short of 9 months since I arrived in California to work on the launch of launch of which finally went live a few short hours ago.

I'm kind of at a bit of a loss what to say after such a tumultuous, fun, difficult and draining experience. I think today is the lull before we have to dive back in to the perhaps more complex task of getting our site out there, and adjusting and finessing the site.

We have a lot to do, but I'm incredibly proud of what we've achieved, the team we've built and all the amazing programming and bands we have on the site.

The press has generally been really, really supportive although the economic crisis, which already delayed our launch by a week in the hope of a clearer news agenda, still managed to knock out some of the set piece interviews we did with major dailies. Hopefully they'll get used soon, but I wanted to highlight a couple.

Firstly, the Guardian in the UK, mainly as it was an interview with me, that I did a few months back.

Techcrunch did a lovely piece within an hour of our launch and we've been in several other specialist and general publications - as well our release being all other the wires.

I've posted some more video and updates on the work blog, and we've got some video and photos of the launch and our BBQ going up there in a few hours too if you fancy a look.

Thanks again to everyone for their support and kind words.