Friday, 11 July 2008

Stealth Mode is broken ....

Off the back of my recent trip to San Francisco the new busienss I've been helping launch, myAWOL has started getting press - thanks to the previosuly mentioned, and still lovely, Susan.

Its always weird doing press, but we took the attitude that we'd just be ourselves, and like the whole business, be upfront and transparent about what we're doing, our hopes and aspirations.

Looks likem it paid off, both articles we're highly complimentary, even if one of them scored some negative feedback. Techcrunch with a distribution of 791k got the scoop, and did a great article, but I have to be honest and say I loved the VentureBeat article - and not just because it gave me a lovely namecheck and write up - the guy really go the business. What I never realised was quite how widly these articles get syndicated - our sign up of new artists rocketed in the 24 hours since the first article appeared.

We've even been written up in other press (but hey, this isn't meant to be a list, so I'll stick with the Silicon Valley biggies), but here's hoping my skeltons don't get disturbed by bitchsite valleywag!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Telling Silicon Valley how it is ....

I'm just back from a trip to San Francisco, hosted by the very lovely Susan MacTavish Best - who's er, best known for her work with Craigslist and the Silicon Valley tech crowd.

We met the great and good - all of whom were intelligent, impressive people. I had one nagging little thought that kept reoccuring to me.

No matter how impressive everyone was as an individual, they all came from the same kind of top notch universities and background - and all from a tech background. No plucky people who have fought their way up despite educational background. Which means brilliance at most levels, but their were some obvious gaps.

It's all about software, widgets and tech solutions. What seemed secondary was consumer hunger, or consumer use - and this was really obvious in my field of music and TV. Some people see the tech, but kind of forget that that is just a vessel, a method of giving the public a service. They're focusing on the delivery -at the expense of whats in the package.

Kind of good news my me and my crew though, who had cynical journalists raving about our proposition - one even said finally here was someone who could take on MySpace.